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How to build your own app without coding

For many, the idea of building their own app is unachievable. It requires a huge budget or an enormous amount of coding knowledge. The latter is far from easy and it also costs an enormous amount of time. In addition, it is very obvious that the first app you code yourself will not be the end product you dreamed of. 

Fortunately, in 2021 it will no longer be necessary to have all that knowledge yourself. Today’s technology makes it possible for anyone to turn an app idea into an actual app. There is no need to write a line of code for this. 

If you are a bit of an expert, it is quite easy to look for an app builder on the internet.  You can use this as an alternative option for developing an app.

What to expect when building your own app

Before you read on, it might be nice to read what’s to come and what you can expect when building your own app. 

Making a mobile app without coding skills is very easy. It’s easy to learn if you have no experience with online website programs like Wix or WordPress. If you do have experience with one of these programs, it’s even easier. Building an app is similar to these systems.

With an appbuilder, you will use a web-based app maker to build your app from scratch. In most cases, the online app builders let you start with a template. This makes the first step a lot easier than starting from a blank screen.

From starting with a template, it’s just a matter of customizing the app with your own corporate identity. Think colour schemes, branding materials and your own unique content. You use an interface where you can easily add features to make your content as beautiful and accessible as possible. By providing a simple plug-and-play marketplace, it is possible to add a variety of features to your app. For example, suppose you want to include videos in the app. You could look for a YouTube or Vimeo plugin. Then the platform can simply fetch those videos directly from your YouTube account.

It is good to know that each app builder has different features. So keep in mind that one may suit you better than the other.

So you may run into some limitations depending on which app builder you use.


Who can create mobile apps with a Mobile App Builder?



Anyone can make an app by using an appbuilder. So it is possible for anyone to turn an app idea into reality. You really don’t need any prior knowledge. 


Even with coding knowledge or experience, an appbuilder is very interesting. This is because it is significantly faster and you save a lot in costs. This makes it a lot cheaper compared to traditional app development. 


There are many developers who used to write their own code but have switched to an appbuilder purely because of the costs, the simplicity and the processing time. 


An appbuilder is a great solution for every case. The possibilities are really endless. However, I have made a list of the most common cases:

  • Small business owners who want an app for their business
  • Do-it-yourself entrepreneurs who want to start a new business with an app
  • E-commerce shops that want to improve mobile sales
  • Restaurants that need mobile menus, mobile ordering, delivery, and customer engagement
  • Companies that want a mobile solution for HR and employee communication
  • Schools and universities who need a mobile solution for faculty and students
  • gyms, personal trainers, fitness instructors and health professionals
  • Churches and religious organisations that want to communicate their congratulations
  • Musicians, bands and entertainers who want to enhance events
  • Content creators and podcast hosts who want to extend their reach

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