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From idea to app

You’ve been thinking about it for months. You’ve talked to people and you know it for sure: your app is going to change the world. You’re super motivated and your friends are totally with you. But now the time has come for you to realise that the cloud you’re sitting on might lead you to the situation where you fall forward with your head into a huge cake and it will be a big disappointment. 

Be prepared and avoid going under
The answer is, of course, unique to every startup, but there are some standard ways to make sure you don’t end up with your head in the clouds. Let’s get started.

Know what you definitely need to ask
Before making something, we need to know if your idea viable. Talk to people and ask for feedback, read books on the subject and try to detect for yourself if it is really a good idea for your shop, trade or sell.

Do the basic test:
Ask yourself what problem really needs to be solved. You can ask all sorts of people for their opinion without asking exactly what problem they need this particular solution for. 

‘You can ask if they find your boat streamlined, stable on the water and watertight. Is it a solution to the problem that they are in the desert and want to go home….’

“The degree of usefulness determined by an early customer conversation is whether it gives us concrete facts about our customers’ lives and their view of the world. These facts give us the opportunity to improve our products (and solutions)”

A good product alone is not always useful for the customer. Find the problem first and then make an app that will solve that problem.

Do you believe in your product?
This question is not meant to be mean. Seriously ask yourself if your idea is worth the investment of long days and sleepless nights to bring it to fruition. 

Development can be a long road without actually seeing where it will end. Problems will arise, bugs will come along. You have to be ready to take a few blows and still get back up and continue the game. It has been said many times before: you are your product

Believe in your idea, believe in yourself so that others (like investors; who are also important) will start believing in you.

Start small, start functional
If you have enough confidence in your idea, it is time to build the first version that will see the light of day. You may be familiar with the term “MVP” (Minimal Viable Product).  In short, once you know your idea and your market, it’s time to develop some features that will make the app ready for its first launch. Good quality in the most important features will ensure that the group of “early adopters” will want into your app. It is just this group of people that will be able to provide you with the right feedback and features they want to see or have on your app. Keep the focus on the most important core features. Your full plan will unfold as you continue  developing the app.

Homework; The 10 steps to a final development

  • Describe the functionality
  • Do some desk research
  • Detect the users
  • Describe your method of monetising the app
  • Make a rough sketch of your app
  • Approach local app developers and ask for quotes
  • Further develop the UI/UX (user interaction and user experience)
  • Develop the app and test 
  • Lounge and marketing
  • Gather response from the market and prepare for the next version of the app


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