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Is it possible to build an affordable app?

Most of the people you talk to about this will tell you that they think that building an app cheaply does not exist or is not possible. Many app builders charge huge amounts for the development of an app. The costs for development and maintenance are high; is what most people think.

With the Pure App Builder this has changed from now on, because this can really be different. Pure App Builder offers a package that contains everything you need. You can choose from three packages or you can choose a package that covers most of your needs with some additions of plug-ins. Get rid of those high development costs and bills.

What does Pure App Builder do for you

You can develop the app yourself with the handy modular structure with plug-in applications (you have a wide range of plug-ins that can be used). Or you let us build the app.

This development is done on the basis of hybrid coding, making your app suitable for iOS and Android and, if you wish, also suitable for tablets / web. So you are present on all major platforms / devices!

We are happy to think along with you which basic functions should be included in your app (quick contact with your customers, possibly with push messages, uploads of explanations in a video clip, items that you sell and want to convert faster with discount codes).

How do you create more sales and customer loyalty and any tips about Search Engine Optimization, we can also give advice with our team of specialists

We make the app available through our own hosting; so no hassle at all with providers, updates that have to be kept and all that kind of things.

Maintenance and updates:
Apple and Google push updates on a regular basis. We update the app for you so that your software is always up to date.

Do you want to change or have something different? Give us a call and we will process it so you can continue your exploration undisturbed. Or you can update it yourself in our pure app builder.

We are available 24/7; so this is also easy with the various time zones all around the world.

Check our rates page for the current prices. As you can see, we have three packages with an extensive list of plug-ins with each package. You can also choose a specific package with the addition of one specific plug-in, that choice is yours. The monthly subscription amount guarantees all updates and hosting.

Package choice:
There are three DIY kits to choose from, varying in price. For further explanation and options, you can always schedule a demo with us via the contact page.

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